A year has recently passed since the COVID-19 global pandemic was declared. Facemasks have become omnipresent in daily life, since their use is mandatory in most countries around the globe.

During this second year of pandemic, use has not stopped at all. There is a continuous investment in new lines of facemask production (focused not only in type IIR but also FFP2 or N95 and FFP3) and in parallel also production of protection equipment or PPE. Everything indicates that in the future facemask will be common in public places, transport, shopping areas and hospitals.

This rapid market growth has forced manufacturers to focus on expansion, improving production efficiency and competitiveness while maintaining quality and production standards.

Erhardt Nonwovens will continue supporting manufacturers by supplying quality nonwoven fabrics (Spunbond and Melblown BFE 99%), ear loops and nose wire, distributing to European countries and exporting overseas.

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