ERHARDT NON WOVENS is a distributor of non-woven fabrics for disposable table linen.


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    Spunbond Table Cloth

    Non-woven tablecloths are an ideal solution for the hotel and catering industry thanks to their unique characteristics and multiple benefits.

    It is a product that is very soft to the touch, which makes it very pleasant, hydrophobic and does not get soggy, good presentation on the table, with multiple colours, very hygienic and recyclable. It is, therefore, a product in great demand and used in the HORECA channel and which is presented both on tables inside and outside catering establishments, at events and celebrations, or for everyday use at home.




    The Spunbond fabric, which is hydrophobic in nature, prevents liquids from being absorbed, making it very resistant and hygienic at the same time. In addition, they are easy to clean, with a great drape and table presentation (either as a tablecloth or runner).



    Non-woven tablecloths are very competitively priced, hard-wearing, reusable and available in a variety of colours and patterns.



    Non-woven tablecloths are very competitively priced, hard-wearing, reusable and available in a variety of colours and patterns.

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    With infinite possibilities of colours and prints, they can be presented in master rolls (jumbo rolls), small rolls (with or without pre-cutting) or in boxes with the measurements desired by the customer.


    Hospitality and catering professionals know first-hand the importance of table linen in terms of quality perceived by customers. It is a product with a limited life cycle and is difficult to maintain in good condition.

    Washing costs and the deterioration of the use of woven fabric tablecloths have led many professionals to opt for paper and non-woven table linen. These products are disposable, quick to remove and easy to lay, and offer great advantages in table service. Nowadays, PP Spunbond tablecloths have become the most popular trend among caterers.


      Why are Nonwoven Fabrics used in tablecloths?

      The non-woven fabric is made from fibres joined together, without the need for threads, with a high resistance, and which has a series of characteristics that make it distinctive: it has a good capacity to repel water, an excellent feel and an antibacterial nature. Due to this last reason, it is also widely used in other types of disposable products such as sanitary and hygienic products.

      Reasons to buy Spunbond Tablecloths


      The price 

      This is a really economical product, with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

      Quality perceived by the user

      Customers do not have the same perception of an establishment when they come across paper tablecloths, or table linen that has been used and washed many times. The non-woven tablecloth provides an elegant and hygienic presentation.


      Variety of design 

      The variety of designs and colours that we can offer allows us great adaptability as we can adjust to the colours of the napkins (Airlaid, Paper or Spunlace), cutlery and the decoration of the premises or the image that we wish to transmit.



      The development of this type of fabrics in recent years has made them top quality products, soft to the touch and very hygienic.

      Saving time

      There are significant savings in time, money and therefore efficiency by using Spunbond PP tablecloths. Picking up, washing and ironing cloth tablecloths and napkins is an added expense that is no longer justified with the advent of table linen, non woven or tnt. This is why it is the most demanded option in the HORECA channel as it has many more advantages and is very competitive in price compared to conventional fabrics.