Erhardt Nonwovens keeps supporting national industry by offering nonwoven fabrics and other supplies, not only for the facemask manufacturers, but also for other fields such as mattresses, upholstery/furniture, agriculture, tablecloth, hygiene, PPE and health, filtration and packaging, among other multiple industrial sectors.


Below we present our current stock of nonwovens and components for hygienic/civil, surgical IIR and FFP2 facemask.

25 gsmPP SpunbondWHITE17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondPINK17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondBLACK19,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondBLACK17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondSURGICAL GREEN17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondWHITE19,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP SpunbondMEDICAL BLUE17,5cm2000m
50 gsmPP SpunbondWHITE26cm800m
25 gsmPP SpunbondWHITE26cm1500m
50 gsmPP SpunbondBLACK26cm800m
25 gsmPP SpunbondBLACK26cm1500m
25 gsmPP MeltblownBLACK (IIR)17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP MeltblownWHITE (IIR)17,5cm2000m
25 gsmPP MeltblownWHITE (HYGIENIC/CIVIL)17,5cm2000m
Ear LoopsWHITE 5mm
Ear LoopsBLACK 3mm
Ear LoopsWHITE 3mm
Ear LoopsBLACK 5mm
Nose WireSINGLE 3*0,6
Nose WireDOUBLE 5*0,6


We only offer the best quality nonwovens. We test our products in European laboratories so we provide the maximum guarantee and reliability to our customers.

We have availability to send pallets, trucks and even full load containers to any international port.

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