ERHARDT NON WOVENS is a distributor of nonwoven fabrics. We supply PP Spunbond with UV protection for agricultural use, both for agricultural thermal blanket application and weed control.


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    manta térmica para plantas

    The polypropylene agricultural thermal blanket is a non-woven fabric used to cultivate and protect plantations, crops, trees or all kinds of vegetables. Thanks to its specifications, the thermal blanket insulates against cold, frost and frost, as well as protecting against bacteria, insects or fungi.


    aislamiento térmico


    Insulates from cold and freeze and hoarfrost

    prevencion bacterias


     Protects and insolates from bacateria

    protección contra hongos


    Increases crop productivity

    manta térmica plantas


    Its permeability allows irrigation and the circulation of air and light, providing breathability.


    It is recommended to avoid contact with metallic, rough and/or rusty surfaces. Before laying it is important to carry out weeding work to prevent the proliferation of weeds.

    If weeding is required, it is advisable to remove the thermal blanket on one side, do the weeding work and put the blanket back on again.

    We provide assistance for the processing of finished products such as banana bags, rolls of weed netting, crop cover and trees.

      aplicacciones manta térmica

      Why use Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural thermal blankets?

      The polypropylene agricultural heat blanket is ideal for growing and protecting plants, trees or vegetables. Thanks to its specifications, the thermal blanket protects against cold, frost and frost, as well as protecting against bacteria, insects or fungi. It is also ideal for maintaining the temperature of the soil and crops, thanks to its breathability, as it allows for irrigation. This optimises crop and soil yields and improves productivity.

      mantas térmicas agrícolas

      Tips for Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural heating blankets?

      Before installing the agricultural thermal blanket, it is advisable to carry out a series of preliminary actions so that the operation and placement of the product is ideal:

      • Weeding work
      • Smooth and fine soil
      • Herbicide treatment
      • Avoid contact with metallic, rough or rusty surfaces.
      • Regular crop and weed control

        Uses of Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural heating blankets

        Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural plant blankets can be used for different purposes. Depending on the type of crop, the results you want to achieve and the type of soil on which you want to install the heating blanket, it will be used in one way or another. Our PP Spunbond with UV protection can be used as a floating, micro-tunnel or tent. In addition, the blanket can be reused up to 2 or 3 times. If used carefully and cleaned after each growing season, it retains its properties and benefits. In addition, the non-woven fabric for agricultural protection is fully recyclable, making its application a sustainable method of increasing crop yields and crop production.

        How to install Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural heating blankets?

        Depending on the type of crop, whether it is for a tree, planting a seed or growing a vegetable, its placement will be different. Polypropylene mulch comes in rolls and it is important to lay it in the direction of the wind. The blanket should not be stretched too tightly (to allow space for the crop to grow), nor should it be left too loose, as the wind may blow through and cause problems for the planting. To finish the installation of the agricultural blanket, it is necessary to cover the perimeter of the blanket with soil so that the wind does not lift it.

        mantas térmicas agrícolas

        For which plants should Erhardt Non Wovens agricultural blankets be used?

        As previously mentioned, the agricultural mulch is suitable for plants, vegetables, seeds or trees of different sizes. However, its use is not recommended for all species. It is most widely used for fruit trees such as avocado, almond, banana, cherry trees, fruit bushes such as blueberries or raspberries and small trees. As for plants and vegetables, it is used for cantaloupe melons, watermelons, courgettes, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflowers, leeks and potatoes.

        mantas térmicas agrícolas