Hygienic-sanitary products and applications are experiencing high growth since 2020. The extraordinary demand of wipes, especially disinfectants, has led to an increase in the demand of Spunlace (hydroentangled) nonwoven fabrics for their manufacture.

According to the Smithers market study, “The Future of Global Nonwoven Wipes to 2025” during the year 2020 around 877,700 tons of Spunlace were consumed worldwide, about 100,000 tons more than the previous year.

This growth has undoubtedly been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of wipes has gone, from a discretionary product, to an essential one in our shopping baskets. This is why on Smithers’ report it is expected an 8.8% growth year-on-year (in terms of volume).

Erhardt Nonwovens supplies nonwovens such as Parallel, Cross Lapped or Semi-Cross Lapped Spunlace (embossed or plain) for manufacturers of wipes, diapers and other absorbent or hygienic applications. The available mixtures are PES, VIS, a blend of these and also others which adapts to the new requirements of the market: flushable and compostable wipes.